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About Us

We help clients solve business problems by fusing creativity, innovation, strategy, and craft.

Wizpro Infotek is a website design and application development company based in USA and INDIA, Our custom and readymade designing and development solutions meet many start-ups and mid-range businesses, while our creative thinking and best efforts put their business site shining in a crowded online world.

We help customers solve business problems using CRM, BPM, ERP.

All of our efforts begin with an understanding and articulation of the brand strategy. Brand identity is the connective tissue between a product or service and a consumer that drives relevance and appeal. We work in the development of new brand naming conventions and taglines as well as the graphic design and appeal of the logo and identity standards as they relate to the brand statement or promise. Our goal is simple: achieve consumer perception that will deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.


6 principles that guide and inspire everything we do

It’s easy to run from challenges, and it’s far too convenient to blame constraints. So bring us the impossible, and let’s leave the simple to everyone else. You’ll find us out front polishing the corners of the bleeding edge.
We like making things. We like taking problems, twisting them into ideas, and developing them into solutions.We work with cool clients doing important things, and we wouldn't have it any other way.When you believe in what you build, most of the other pieces just seem to fall in place.
. Our team is driven by empowerment, and every one of us has sleeves rolled up to our elbows. Here, camaraderie is currency and commitment is everything.
And trust begins with happy clients. Keeping our clients happy is not a box we check off on a generic list of responsibilities, it is the driving force behind everything we do. This business is ruled by reputation, and we will win on service every single time.
Our speed begins at the first stage of a client engagement and accelerates throughout the process. While others are waiting for the ink to dry on a proposal, we’re already knee deep into prototyping. Time is a luxury, but for our clients, it is seldom an option.
We’ve seen successful organizations become bloated and slow, more concerned about appearance and hierarchy than clients and creativity. Not us. We refuse to succumb to that space. We fundamentally believe that you need structured chaos to do anything worthwhile, and that is exactly what you will find here.

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